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Dynamic TV partners with Screen Australia to develop four scripted projects

Dynamic TV handles sales for ABC’s female-led crime drama Savage River

LA-based production and distribution company Dynamic Television has linked up with screen agency Screen Australia to launch a scripted development scheme for Aussie producers and writers.

The Dynamic Television Scripted Initiative will fund development for up to four scripted projects and assist with global outreach as they move into production. Under the alliance, Screen Australia and Dynamic Television, distributor of Aussie crime drama Savage River, will contribute 50% of the funds per production.

Producers and writers are being invited to propose projects with a total development budget of up to A$100,000 (US$65,000). Dynamic Television will have the first option for financing and distribution under agreed terms.

The initiative will focus on serial and procedural dramas targeting mainstream audiences.

Dynamic TV managing partner Dan March said: “When considering how to allocate resources and have a positive impact on Australian drama, we realised Screen Australia is the perfect partner. We are all excited to facilitate new stories from the terrifically talented writers and producers down under.”

Australian production companies that comply with Screen Australia’s terms of trade and have a one-hour television drama series are eligible. The project must have a pilot script and a series outline and be free from any market attachments or existing development deals. A broad range of genres, including crime, suspense, thriller, family, dramedies and romance, will be considered.

Grainne Brunsdon, Screen Australia’s chief operating officer, said: “This initiative represents a significant opportunity for Australian stories to captivate audiences around the world. Our collaboration with Dynamic Television underscores our commitment to nurturing local talent and amplifying the unique voice of Australian storytelling to a global audience.”

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