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Dupuis ramps up short form toons

Short form animation continues to gain ground in France as distributor-producer Dupuis lines up a new 2D series for launch at Mipcom Junior in October.

Slated to air on French network M6 this autumn, comedy gag show Kid Paddle (52×13') grew out of last year's webtoon based on a popular comic book character.

The Flash-animated webtoon was picked up by dedicated kids channel Canal J (France) and Teletoon (Canada) to use as interstitials.

{Along with traditional length series and specials, short animated formats appear to be the order of the day from broadcasters across the globe,{ said Dupuis.

M6 will debut the first episode of Kid Paddle this afternoon at a presentation of its new autumn schedule. The completed series will be delivered next year.

Canal J is boosting its short form content this autumn. Joining Kid Paddle (52×1') are Ralf Le Rat Record (104×1') from Alphanim and Ocean Sounds Studios; Zzzzgarbucksplitzz! (wt) (50×1'30{) from Grosse Boïte Américaine; and Adrenalini Brothers (10×2'30{) from UK-based Pesky.

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