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Dori launches Da Next talent show online

Da Next will run across various social media platforms

Israeli producer and distributor Dori Media is preparing to launch a social-media based format that it is calling the industry’s first digital-only talent competition.

Da Next will be produced by Dori-owned MeMeMe Studios and will run unedited and unscripted across six weeks on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

It will begin with musicians and influencers asking their fans to audition for the show via social media, with participants tagging the show in their self-shot audition videos.

Two teams of six candidates will then be chosen to work with a musical mentor and record songs, which will be shared on social media. Contestants, mentors, influencers and fans will compete to earn the most views to win the competition.

Givon Snir, CEO of MeMeMe Studios and head of content at Dori Media International, said the format is an industry first and will also seek to incorporate brands, with participants encouraged to endorse certain products.

“There is genuine excitement about Da Next’s prospects. Significantly more content is now consumed online, and traditional television formats face tremendous competition as audiences switch to digital.”


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