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Disney+, Morena, Beta Film team up for original Spanish drama The Invisible Girl

Daniel Grao and Zoe Stein play father and daughter in The Invisible Girl

US-based streamer Disney+ has added Chica Invisible (The Invisible Girl) to its original Spanish drama offering.

The young-adult drama is based on the book trilogy by Blue Jeans and has been in development at Spain’s Morena Films since 2020.

Disney+ will air the series in Spain while German distributor Beta Film is also on board and will distribute the 8×60’ series internationally apart from America, Asia-Pacific and Iberia.

Shooting is currently taking place in southern Spain, in Carmona, and in various locations in the province of Seville, among them El Viso del Alcor and Gerena.

The atmospheric thriller stars Daniel Grao (Hit, Julieta, Gigantes) and Zoe Stein (Mantícora, Merlí.Sapere Aude), playing father and daughter involved in the investigation of a murder of a teenage girl in the picturesque fictional town of Cárdena in Andalusia.

It is directed by Tito López Amado (The Time In-between, Hernan, 3 Caminos) and Aritz Moreno (Advantages of Travelling by Train). The writing team includes Carmen López-Areal (It Was Always Me), Marina Efron (It Was Always Me, I am Luna), Antonio Hernández Centeno (Caronte, Unauthorized Living), Ramón Tarrés (The Cook of Castamar, Toy Boy), and Ian de la Rosa (Veneno, I’m Being Me).

Pedro Uriol, exec producer at Morena Films, said: “The Invisible Girl will surprise both fans of the novel and those who do not know the story yet. The young-adult thriller is mysterious and exciting with a sensational cast and a purely cinematic look. Father and daughter need to overcome their differences to solve a murder case that has shaken the peaceful lives of the inhabitants of Cárdena’; it is a character-driven story which will captivate viewers visually and emotionally.”

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