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Discovery stokes Hispanic content

Discovery Networks US Hispanic Group has upped the number of genres catering to US Spanish-language viewers in a bid to give advertisers a more targeted reach into this growing demo.

Twelve new genres will be available across the division’s portfolio of three networks, Discovery en Espanol, Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivar) and Discovery Kids en Espanol. The new content has been grouped into core genres, with each featuring original programming developed specifically for Spanish-speaking audiences, as well as a selection of well-known Discovery content that has been edited specifically for US Hispanic audiences.

Luis Silberwasser, senior VP and general manager of Discovery Networks US Hispanic Group, said there are currently limited programming options available to US Hispanics. “The 12 culturally relevant programming genres offered across our three Hispanic networks provide new viewing choices for Latino audiences and also deliver customised environments for advertisers to more effectively engage the increasingly important US Hispanic consumer,” said Silberwasser.

The new genres are specifically designed as targeted environments for advertisers to reach specific demographics and interests within the Hispanic viewing public.

Among new original content is Objetivo: El Norte, looking at the ongoing immigration debate in the US and the group’s first original production; Pioneros, a series of docs about achievement in the US Hispanic community; Aeropuerto 24/7 Mexico, a six-part series that goes behind-the-scenes at Mexico City International Airport; and Nip Trip, looking at the growing popularity of plastic surgery vacations.

New strands beneath the Discovery en Espanol banner, targeted at men 18-49, are:

  • Ingenuity, about science, engineering and technology. Signature programming: La Fabrica, MythBusters, One Step Beyond, and Extreme Engineering.
  • Human Adventure, looking at the extreme ends of human experience. Signature programming: Aeropuerto 24/7 Mexico, I Shouldn’t Be Alive, Deadliest Catch.
  • Turbo, about the thrill and speed and motors. Signature programming: American Chopper, Rides, Monster Garage.
  • Exploring Our Heritage, a selection of original content focused on the history and culture of Latinos. Signature titles: Malvinas, Colon, Reina Roja, Pioneros.
  • In the Wild, celebrating the human fascination with nature and the animal world. Signature programming: Planet Earth, Living With Tigers, Anatomy of a Shark Bite.
  • Real-life Mysteries, covering crime, forensics and the paranormal. Signature programming: Archivo Llorente, Factor Desconocido, FBI Files.

New strands beneath the Discovery Travel & Living (Viajar y Vivar) banner, targeted at women 18-49, are:

  • Well-being, focusing on health and beauty. Signature programming: Nosotras, Nip Trip.
  • Stylish Living, featuring content that helps viewers make the most of their homes and personal spaces. Signature titles: Casas, Mientras no Estabas (While You Were Out), Estilo Latino.
  • World Flavors, taking a sampling of the best cuisine from Latin America and around the world. Signature titles: Ciudades y Cpoas, Sabor Latino.
  • Now Boarding, journeying to hot destinations around the world . Signature titles: Mas que una fiesta, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

New strands beneath the Discovery Kids en Espanol banner, targeting families and children, are:

  • Learning is Fun, featuring educational content for youngsters. Signature titles: Save-Ums!, Tutenstein, Kenny the Shark.
  • Family Time, highlighting programmes kids and families can watch together . Signature programming: Desafio Todo Terreno, Darcy’s Wildlife, Trading Spaces Boys vs Girls, Jeff Corwin Experience.



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