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Deutsche Welle, Spiegel TV and Welt order factual from Espresso counter

Off Earth looks at the efforts being made to promote commercial spaceflight

German broadcasters Deutsche Welle, Spiegel TV and Welt have picked up a slate of factual content from indie UK distributor Espresso Media.

Deustche Welle has licensed Pave the Road (1×52’). Executive produced by Richard J Lewis (Westworld), the documentary follows filmmaker Kelly Mason’s mission to solve the environmental crises of plastic waste and road pollution in Costa Rica.

Meanwhile, Off Earth (1×52’) examines the new industrial frontier in space, from Elon Musk and Richard Branson’s commercial flights to manufacturing, using interviews, CGI and live-action demos.

Spiegel TV will take the German premiere of History’s Greatest Aircraft (7×45’). Funded by A+E UK and CEEMEA, this seven-part series examines some of the greatest contributions to modern warfare, capturing and celebrating some of the biggest icons in aircraft history.

Finally, Espresso has re-licensed space documentary The Saturn V Story (1×52’) to Welt. The film follows the story of the rocket used in the Moon landings, one of the most powerful machines ever built, and the challenges NASA faced in making it fly.

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