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Curio Pictures’ Jo Porter and Rachel Gardner on The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Today, we hear from Jo Porter and Rachel Gardner, MD and creative director of Curio Pictures, about bringing Booker Prize-winning WWII novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North to TV screens and the impact risk-averse commissioning is having on development.

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The Narrow Road to the Deep North is the 2014 Booker Prize-winning novel from author Richard Flanagan about a surgeon and decorated World War II hero haunted by memories of an ill-fated love affair and his time as a prisoner in Burma.

The book has now been turned into a TV series of the same name for Amazon Prime Video in Australia, made by Sony Pictures Television-owned Curio Pictures, which is also a copro partner on Disney+ drama The Artful Dodger and Cate Blanchett’s upcoming film version of the stage adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Curio MD Jo Porter and creative director Rachel Gardner spoke to Jordan Pinto about the project at last week’s LA Screenings and also discussed the place of Australian TV drama within the international marketplace, plus why risk-averse buyers are prompting the company to think differently about development and working with new writers.

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