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Cream unveils virtual reality drama

Dark Threads will be released later this month

Canadian indie Cream Productions has produced a virtual reality sci-fi drama starring the avatar of Lord of the Rings actor Dominic Monaghan.

In Dark Threads, players drop into a near-future environment to enact their personal narratives. Their memories are gone, so they must piece together the clues with the help of benevolent AI.

Johnny Kalangis, VP of digital at Cream, said: “Dark Threads is a VR adventure that compels players to consider the essence of consciousness, altruism, cruelty and life itself. The experience is like a multiple-choice scripted series with three distinctly mysterious endings; each option directly affects the finale.”

The VR production has been executive produced by Monaghan, David Brady, Kate Harrison Karman, Johnny Kalangis, Andrew MacDonald, Dan Magnus and Tristan Cezair.

From July 22, Dark Threads, which has been funded by the Canada Media Fund and Ontario Creates, as well as Cream Productions, will be available via gaming platform Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


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