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Corus reveals kids slate

Corus Entertainment in Canada is to roll out numerous new and recommissioned series, including Numb Chucks and Camp Lakebottom, on its kids networks YTV and Teletoon in 2014/15.

YTV’s line-up of new shows includes live-action series The Game (20×30′), from Ad Lib Films, and hybrid live-action/animated series The Stanley Dynamic (20×30′), from Amaze Film & Television. Both are due to air during winter 2015.

Series set to air on YTV this fall include live-action show Max & Shred (26×30′), from Breakthrough Entertainment, and the DHX Media animated comedy series Looped (26×30′).

YTV has also renewed existing series Some Assembly Required, Numb Chucks and Nerds & Monsters.

New series set for Teletoon includes animated comedy shows Atomic Puppet (26×22′), Freak vs Sweet (26×22′), Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong (26×22′), ToonMart Marty (20×22′), Craqué (52×1′) and Les Grandes Gueules (working title, 26×22′).

These new shows will join the likes of Camp Lakebottom, Total Drama and Fugget About It, which have been renewed by Teletoon.

Corus Kids has also announced that a third season of Aus pays des Tête à Claques will air exclusively on French-language channel Télétoon.


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