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Condorito flies to TV via Ánima, Lunes


Popular Latin American comic strip Condorito is being developed into an animated sitcom aimed at teens and adults.

Ánima, which has bases in Mexico City, Madrid, the Canary Islands and Buenos Aires, and Chilean animation studio Lunes have agreed a deal with brand owner World Editors to develop and produce the show.

Created by Pepo and focused on an anthropomorphic condor, the comic strip is read by around 80 million people every year.

The series will aim to showcase the unique characters who live in the fictional town of Pelotillehue and their hilarious adventures, the producers said.

Anima will work on creative development and manage the sitcom’s production, sales and distribution.

Meanwhile, Lunes’ team – along with Pedro Maino, editor of the comics, and designer Franco Rampoldi – will be in charge of coming up with the stories and giving Condorito a new look.

Jose Navarro, CEO at Lunes, said: “Condorito and the rest of Pepo’s characters are known and loved throughout Latin America, so we already have a substantial fanbase for the show.

“However, we want the Condorito sitcom to be enjoyed all over the world, not just in the region; that’s why we are confident Ánima’s expertise and sensibility will help us achieve this ambitious goal.

“We have discovered, through our own passion for Condorito and by working with experts on the brand, that most of the stories written in the original comic strips are still very current to this day.”

José C. García de Letona, chief operating officer at Ánima, added: “Condorito is one of the most cherished characters in all of Latin America. We are so proud and thankful of the opportunity to bring Pepo’s characters to life.”

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