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Cold Case/Cold Squad 'just a coincidence'

Alliance Atlantis' cop drama Cold Squad is going into its seventh season, and despite huge similarities to a certain Bruckheimer series debuting on CBS this autumn, AAC claims that there's no animosity between the two companies.

There is an incredible resemblance between Alliance Atlantis' seven-year-old drama series Cold Squad, and the new Bruckheimer primetime drama hour Cold Case. Aside from the titles, the series' synopses read almost identically.

Each show stars a female detective in an urban homicide squad who investigates 'cold cases,' ie. seemingly unsolvable crimes from the past. In addition, each show features a tough seasoned male detective, a handsome male lead and high-tech crime-solving tactics including computer systems, psychological profiling and DNA evidence.

Add to that the fact that AAC has close ties with Bruckheimer's production outfit after teaming up on the two CSI franchises, and one might surmise that it's something more than coincidence.

Not so, according to Alliance Atlantis. When C21 contacted a spokesperson for AAC, they noted that there was indeed a similarity between the two projects, but said there was {no collaboration{ or 'borrowing' of ideas and that {it isn't something we're worried about.{

The comments put an end to the rumours that Bruckheimer's production outfit had, either above or below the board, borrowed the concept from AAC. And, while the emergence of Bruckheimer's Cold Case series could conceivably damage AAC's show on the international sales front, it may actually help it on Canadian airwaves.

Cold Squad's first-window Canuck broadcaster, CTV is taking advantage of the similarities and is programming the two series on the same night during primetime. Bruckheimer's Cold Case will air Sundays at 20.00, followed by Law & Order: Criminal Intent at 21.00, and then AAC's Cold Squad at 22.00.

This tactic will provide a double-hit promotion opportunity for both shows, in addition to marketability as a crime theme night.

Cold Squad is in fact the longest running homegrown drama series currently on Canadian television. An impressive feat, considering the current slump for domestic drama. Alliance Atlantis produces the series with Vancouver indie Keatley MacLeod Productions.

The two have started principal photography on 13 new hours for the drama series, bringing the total number of episodes to 98.

This latest season of the show will roll out with the addition of Canadian actress Sonja Bennett (Punch). According to the producers, the new series will also have an edgier feel as it takes to the streets with new beat cop character, played by newcomer Tahmoh Penikett.


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