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ClubC21 back on the beach in support of Ukraine at MipTV

ClubC21 will be back on the beach at MipTV in support of the Ukrainian Acquisition Fund, a new initiative to be launched in Cannes to help the country’s content community.

The Ukrainian Acquisition Fund is a part of a wider joint initiative of Ukraine’s leading media companies – Film.UA, StarLightMedia, 1+1 Media and Media Group Ukraine – to provide opportunities to sustain and support the Ukrainian TV industry.

By contributing to the fund on a fixed-rate pre-buy basis, a channel or platform is able to help finance scripted drama, animation and documentary content and will provide the people in the Ukrainian AV industry with work. This is seen as a much-needed lifeline for their families and fuel for the industry at the time when other sources of financing content production are not available.

Full details will be announced at a press conference at MipTV on Monday. News on the Ukrainian Acquisition Fund will be regularly added to this FACEBOOK PAGE, which has been launched today to provide an overview of the current opportunities to support the Ukrainian TV industry.

The page also includes joint Ukrainian catalogues of ready-made and in-development projects, plus a comprehensive list of services and facilities providers available for work.

You can also find a raft of Ukrainian programming in this C21Screenings suite.

Further information, as well as the dedicated website for the Ukrainian Acquisition Fund, will be available shortly.

More information about how you can support this initiative will be available at ClubC21, and more widely around the market, at MipTV.

ClubC21 will be a much smaller affair than usual at MipTV. It will be open between 6pm to 1am on Sunday to Wednesday inclusive on the beach at 42 La Croisette. There will be no tent, and it will be chilly in the evenings. Bring a jumper!


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