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CITV unleashes treasure hunt gameshow

UK commercial broadcaster ITV’s children’s channel CITV has commissioned an immersive gameshow series for its autumn slate called Don’t Unleash the Beast.

Gemma John-Lewis

The 13×23’ series will take young viewers into a mythological world on a quest for ancient lost treasure.

Set in the underground world of Halian, the show sees a team of three intrepid treasure seekers undergo a series of challenges to find the treasure. However, it is guarded by a ferocious and foul beast that will be unleashed with one wrong move.

Produced by Tiny House Productions and Red Arrow Studios-owned CPL Productions, Don’t Unleash the Beast will premiere on CITV next month.

Exec producing are CPL MD Danielle Lux and creative director Murray Boland, and Tiny House’s founder and creative director Emma Hyman.

Gemma John-Lewis, assistant commissioner for entertainment at ITV, said: “This series format creatively combines a wonderfully imaginative setting with an immersive experience crammed with physical and mental challenges that require real teamwork to overcome that promises to engage, excite and inspire young viewers. I just hope the beast goes easy on them.”


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