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Cineflix Rights inherits Windfall shows

Impossible Builds looks at the use of prefabricated kit homes

UK-based distributor Cineflix Rights has picked up a raft of factual content from local producer Windfall Films including two series looking at on aspirational homes.

Lifestyle series Impossible Builds (8×60’) explores how innovatively engineered kit homes are helping ambitious homeowners construct dream properties in some of the most remote and challenging locations across the UK.

My Floating Home (S1-2, 27×30/15×60’) follows the adventures of homebuilders from around the globe who aspire to leave suburbia behind to live in houses that float on water.

Strip the Cosmos (S1-3, 22×60’) investigates the deepest secrets of the universe. Each episode follows new scientific missions and uses immersive CGI to look at key mysteries.

Rise of the Machines (S1-2, 20×60’) explores the world’s most extreme machines – from aircraft carriers to super-airships and mega-trucks to monster trains – capturing them in action and using CGI to reveal their engineering secrets.

Finally, Strip the City (S2, 8×60’) uses CGI animation to expose the engineering innovations that lie hidden beneath some of the world’s largest cities, including New York, Venice, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Paris.


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