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Cineflix catches Hoff serial killer doc

I Saw It: Bigfoot & Beyond looks at the most famous footage of the creature

UK-based sales house Cineflix Rights has added four new factual series to its slate from US outfit Hoff Productions, including a four-parter about one of America’s most prolific serial killers.

Green River Killer: Hunting the Monster (4×60’) documents the search for Gary Ridgway, who was eventually convicted of 49 murders in Washington State.

Battle of Alcatraz (2×60’) tells the story of one of the bloodiest and deadliest jailbreak attempts in US history, which took place in 1946.

I Saw It: Bigfoot & Beyond (2×60’) recounts the tale of two cowboys who went in search of the half-man, half-ape creature and captured 57 seconds of film that become one the most analysed pieces of footage ever.

Finally, Shark Terror: USS Indianapolis (2×60’) tells the story of the US Navy cruiser torpedoed by a Japanese submarine during the Second World War and its crew’s battle for survival.


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