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China’s UYoung picks up Work it Out Wombats! after PBS Int’l gets sales rights

Animated series Work it Out Wombats!

Chinese family entertainment company UYoung has picked up children’s series Work it Out Wombats! from PBS International, which has acquired the distribution rights to the show.

Work it Out Wombats! is an animated series aimed at three- to six-year-olds that follows the adventures of three energetic and creative marsupial siblings who live with their grandmother in her treehouse apartment complex.

The playful trio introduce computational thinking concepts that help young viewers solve meaningful problems, learn flexible thinking and how to express themselves, all while using the practices, processes and ideas at the core of computer science.

Produced by GBH Kids and Pipeline Studios, Work it Out Wombats! premiered on PBS Kids yesterday. PBS International will pitch the series at Kidscreen Summit in Miami next week.

In addition to Work it Out Wombats!, UYoung has licensed kids’ series Elinor Wonders Why, PEEP & the Big Wide World, Molly of Denali and Arthur from PBS International.

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