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China’s Tencent teams with South Korean partners on new toon Rainbow Bubblegem

Rainbow Bubblegem

Chinese streamer Tencent Video is developing a new kids’ original series Rainbow Bubblegem, with production partners Campfire Aniworks and Live Fun on board and a Korean broadcaster attached.

The 52×11’ 3D animation will air early next year on the Chinese platform and has already been acquired by Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) of Korea. Aimed at six- to nine-year-olds, the show is on brand for Tencent’s strategy of looking for content specifically aimed at that demographic announced at Annecy in July.

The stars of the show are seven mermaid princesses who have to go to school on land to search for enchanted jewels to save their undersea realm. The series aims to teach kids about friendship, cooperation with others and how working as a team can help you succeed.

Selina She, director of Tencent Video’s kids’ IP development and programming centre, said: “Coproduction is an important part of Tencent Kids’ strategy and we are delighted to team up with Live Fun and Campfire Aniworks for this magical new series. Hugely fun, with seven colourful and adorable heroines who young children can readily identify with, it promises to be thrilling viewing for our audience as well as teaching them valuable life lessons about the importance of friendship and teamwork.”


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