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Channel 4 falls for Five Guys a Week

Free-to-air broadcaster Channel 4 has taken its new dating format Five Guys a Week to series, produced by UK outfit Label1.

Following a pilot, filmed earlier this year, Channel 4 has now ordered an additional nine episodes, creating a 10-part series.

In Five Guys a Week, one singleton is provided with five trial live-in boyfriends for one week, at the same time. By the end of the week, the singleton must eliminate four of the men and choose just one to date.

Casting and pre-production have begun and production takes place this summer.

“This simple format goes well beyond the realm of a traditional dating show. The pilot was hugely entertaining, but also explored what people actually want from their partners as well as offering a revealing – and sometimes surprising – insight into the male psyche,” said Gilly Greenslade, factual entertainment commissioning editor for Channel 4.

The executive producers are Barnaby Coughlin, Simon Dickson and Lorraine Charker-Phillips. Coughlin recently joined Label1 from TwentyTwenty, where he executive produced First Dates and First Dates Hotel. The series producer is Helen Richards.

“It’s a format that speaks to a universal concern – being loved – that will work in any language, in any country in the world where people long to find their soulmate,” said Coughlin.

In related news, Channel 4 has commissioned Dance Around the World (working title, 3×60′) from Knickbockerglory TV.

The series sees three talented European dancers explore the roots of indigenous street dance cultures around the world.

The three dancer-presenters go from the townships of South Africa, to the favelas of Brazil and to New York’s The Bronx to seek out dancing communities who have inspired the art form through the ages.

Emily Jones, Channel 4 commissioning editor, said: “This is a vibrant celebration of street dance and explores its roots, how it has evolved and why it is still relevant today. It’s also a privilege to shine a light on such fresh female talent and hear voices of people across the world who share their passion.”

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