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CBS orders global reality adventure show

CBS has unveiled a new reality adventure series, The Amazing Race, produced by Bruckheimer Films in association with Touchstone Television and CBS Productions.

The show will send 11 teams – each comprised an exisiting couple – on a trek around the world for up to 40 days. At every destination, the couples will compete in a series of mental and physical challenges and only when the tasks have been completed will they learn their next destination.

Couples who are farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to reach the final destination winning US$1million.

The couples will be filmed non-stop, chronicling their journey as well as the conflicts that may develop through the competition.

Each team will have a strict budget and will have to rely on wit and ingenuity to conserve limited funds. In addition, plane travel will be restricted and the contestants will have to use alternate means of transportation to get to their next destination.

Phil Keoghan will host the new reality adventure series.

Diverse cities and countries spanning the globe will provide the stage for the new series from executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Armageddon) and Bertram van Munster (Cops, Wild Things).

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