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Canada gathers The Audience

The latest format from The Garden, the UK indie that created 24 Hours in A&E, has been picked up in Canada.

Corus Entertainment’s W Network has commissioned a 6×60′ version of The Audience from Force Four Entertainment to air in 2013.

The programme sees a person facing a life-changing decision being followed around for a week by a group of 50 people who then help them to decide what to do.

The format is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment and aired originally on Channel 4 in the UK.

Local versions are also being produced by ITV Studios France for TF1 and in the Netherlands for RTL4.

Nick Curwin, co-founder of The Garden, with Magnus Temple, recently told C21 that his company takes a hands-on approach to foreign versions of its shows in order to maintain high production standards that can help grow the company’s reputation and slate abroad.

Curwin said: “We try to keep a close check on them. That’s not through a distrust for the other production companies at all because we’ve had really good experiences so far, but more because we care. Just because it’s being made somewhere else doesn’t mean we don’t care; we want it to be good.

“We really like The Audience, so if it’s being made in Australia you’re interested and you want to know.”


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