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C5 explores Hadrian’s Wall, Life Up North

Walking Hadrian’s Wall With Robson Green

ViacomCBS-owned UK terrestrial Channel 5 has commissioned a three-part factual series exploring the length of Hadrian’s Wall in northern England.

Tinopolis-backed Firecracker Films is working on Walking Hadrian’s Wall With Robson Green (3×60), which sees the actor and presenter trace the 73-mile Roman monument. The series was ordered by commissioning editor Dan Louw.

C5 has also commissioned a new docusoap following the lives of ordinary people in the Tyne and Wear region of the UK over six months.

The Estate: Life Up North is being produced by London-based indie Brinkworth Films and tackles real issues, including love, loss, grief, domestic abuse, success and friendships over four episodes.

The 4×60’ series aims to go against the grain of casting trends in docusoaps which choose participents for flamboyancy, eccentricity, glamour and obnoxiousness.

Producer Malcolm Brinkworth said: “The thing that dominated our thinking from the start was to make a warm-hearted series that shows life as it is. This was our approach. Let’s find ordinary people like all of us and follow their stories – and guess what? They are as exciting, interesting and as moving as any of the drama prince and princesses most reality shows conjure up.”


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