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C21Marketplace launches to deliver cost-effective marketing solutions to suppliers aiming to reach the global content business

C21Media has launched a new digital marketplace on its industry-leading site, incorporating the 20-year-old digital C21Screenings business into the new platform, which includes a range of enhancements designed to provide powerful marketing solutions to companies aiming to connect with the global content business 24/7.

C21Marketplace will continue to host screenings suites, providing one of the most powerful ways to promote programming to the global business, but will also now include a variety of new features designed to provide content marketing solutions to a broader range of clients.

Built around a Digital Campaigns partner content model, C21Marketplace provides content distributors, technology and AI providers, locations and funding organisations, facility houses, data analytics companies and other service providers with direct access to more than 200,000 monthly uniques in C21’s unrivalled online community.

C21Marketplace will see enhancements to the existing C21Screenings platform to ensure programme distributors also gain new promotional opportunities with the evolution of the platform.

C21 founder David Jenkinson said: “C21Marketplace provides the most powerful way to take programmes, brands and services to market with a set of tools designed to provide clients with direct access to market for the most cost-effective price available. With Partner Content Campaigns, we will enhance the marketing opportunities for existing C21Screenigns clients, and open up new ways to take services to market for companies across different sectors in the business.”

You can visit C21Marketplace by CLICKING HERE.

You can view the variety of marketing options available on C21Marketplace by CLICKING HERE.

C21Marketplace will also be integrated into all C21 Content Events, with a range of exhibition options, from meeting tables to stands and pavilions.

Jenkinson added: “From Content Americas to Content London, C21Marketplace Live provides opportunity for companies to connect in person with the international business and promote to the content world across C21’s digital and events businesses. In the current climate, it is vitally important that ROI is delivered for clients, and we will be extending packages across digital and live events to ensure our clients get the highest visibility available in the market.”

For more information on C21Marketplace, CLICK HERE.

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