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C21FM hears from Cineflix Rights’ James Durie, TV2 Norway’s Nina Lorgen Flemmen

Today we hear from Cineflix Rights head of scripted TV James Durie and TV2 Norway international content director Nina Lorgen Flemmen about this year’s LA Screenings, the impact of the US writers’ strike and adapting to the current economic squeeze.

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Cineflix Rights was among the independent distributors conducting their own screenings around the major US studios’ LA Screenings this week, showing off upcoming Paramount+ thriller The Doll Factory from Marcella maker Buccaneer Media.

James Durie, the company’s head of scripted TV, spoke to Karolina Kaminska about this year’s event and the impact of the writers’ strike on ongoing uncertainty and contraction across the industry.

TV2 Norway is a significant buyer of US programming, in particular procedurals for its TV2 Play streaming service, plus impactful high-end dramas that help it stand out and retain subscribers in a crowded market.

International content director Nina Lorgen Flemmen headed to the LA Screenings this week and spoke to Karolina Kaminska about her concerns the US writers’ strike would put a squeeze on her programme supply chain significant enough to cause audience churn.

She also talked about the significance of US studios returning to licensing and why she would never take series that have already been released via Netflix.

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