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BYUtv orders connected sitcoms

US cablenet BYUtv has commissioned two connected sitcoms that follow the life of the same family from Toronto-based prodco and distributor MarbleMedia.

Anthony Q Farrell

The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker, both 20×30’, are separate single-camera sitcoms about one biracial family, connected by marriage. Each series will have its own storylines and episodes but the two will be tied together by larger overarching plotlines.

The Parker Andersons follows the comedic antics of the blended family, which comes together after British widower Tony Parker takes his two children to North America, where he meets and marries Cleo Anderson, a mother of two.

Amelia Parker, meanwhile, centres on the quietest member of the family, a tween girl navigating the world around her as she recovers from the death of her mother.

MarbleMedia is producing both series in association with Beachwood Canyon Productions, with filming set to begin later this month. The sitcoms will debut on BYUtv in 2021, followed by a yet-to-be-announced Canadian broadcaster.

Anthony Q Farrell is showrunner of the series, which were created by Frank van Keeken. The writers are Jay Vaidya, Amanda Joy, Murry Peeters, Ian Steaman and Sadiya Durrani.

Farrell and van Keeken and exec produce alongside MarbleMedia’s Mark JW Bishop, Matt Hornburg, Carrie Paupst Shaughnessy and co-exec producer Donna Luke.

Exec producing for Beachwood Canyon is Yolanda Yott, plus Michael Dunn, Andra Johnson Duke, Melissa Puente and Jim Bell for BYUtv.


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