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Bureau of Magic conjures Zodiak Kids copro

Save the Legends! centres on a search-and-rescue team

California-based Bureau of Magic Studios (BoM) and Banijay Group’s Zodiak Kids have joined forces to coproduce a new animated series.

Under the deal for Save the Legends! (26×22′), Zodiak Kids, which already handles international broadcast sales of BoM’s Amazon series Lost in Oz, will also distribute the new show.

Save the Legends! is an action-adventure comedy for six- to nine-year-olds about an amateur search-and-rescue team comprising young mythical creatures.

Mark Warshaw, executive producer and BoM co-founder, said: “Save the Legends! is an inclusive series designed to incorporate myths from any culture in the world and sets them inside a storytelling universe celebrating the magic of teamwork and the wonder of nature – wrapped up in show that’s big on heart and even bigger on humour.”


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