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Bomanbridge hears CJ E&M’s Chef call

o ypuar

Chef in Your Ear features amateur cooks being controlled by professional chefs

Korean broadcaster CJ E&M is set to extend the run of cookery format Chef in Your Ear after renewing its deal with Singapore-based production/distribution agency Bomanbridge Media.

The show’s first season is currently airing on CJ E&M as Avatar Chef and sees two professional cooks using earpieces to communicate with novices who must prepare a restaurant-quality dish.

The format, which has already sold into Mongolia, was created by Justin Scroggie and developed by The Format People’s Michel Rodrigue, Ricardo Larrivée, Lee Herberman and Henry Less.

The original English-language version in Canada was produced by HLP + Partners, while the French version came from 350 Productions for The Food Network.


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