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BitMovio bags Endemol Shine shows

US-based streaming service BitMovio has struck deal that will see it offering more than 600 hours of programming from Endemol Shine International.

Cathy Payne

BitMovio audiences will be able to watch shows including Total Wipeout UK, Charm School, Flavor of Love, For the Love of Ray J, Rock of Love, Surreal Life and The Almost Impossible Game Show UK.

The streamer, which recently opened an LA office, allows content creators and IP owners to create personalised channels with pre-recorded content as well as live streams via mobile or desktop.

Simon Zhu, co-founder and CEO of BitMovio, said: “We recently welcomed in global audiences to join our open beta and engage with content creators and community through a variety of interactive features and payment models, including through cryptocurrency and our innovative MoviBits virtual currency and rewards product.

“It’s important that we continue to bring new premium content to our platform as well, while we continue to release platform feature updates. We’re looking forward to seeing how viewers respond to Endemol Shine’s collection of popular shows.”

Endemol Shine International CEO Cathy Payne added: “We are continuously looking for new ways to reach audiences around the world with our programming and BitMovio brings a new, exciting approach to managing, distributing and monetising video content. We believe this innovative platform will enable viewers to access our content however they want, whenever they want.”

BitMovio has previously struck content deals with US companies including 1200 Productions, Elation Media, Horror House and Mill Creek Entertainment.

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