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Beechgrove crosses the pond to BritBox

BBC Scotland’s Beechgrove celebrates Scottish horticulture

BBC and ITV joint-venture streamer BritBox has secured the North American rights to BBC Scotland’s gardening shows Beechgrove and Landward.

Produced by Aberdeen-based Tern TV, part of London-based Zinc Media, Beechgrove and BBC Studios-produced countryside magazine series Landward have been running in Scotland since the late 1970s.

Beechgrove features reports from the presenters’ own gardens but there will also be a return to the actual Beechgrove Garden on the outskirts of Aberdeen, as well as a look at various other gardens throughout Scotland.

Landward is a magazine show focusing on all aspects of the Scottish outdoors, from farming to environmental stories, including heritage and social history.

Beechgrove starts on April 1, with presenters Carole Baxter, Brian Cunningham, George Anderson, Kirsty Wilson and Chris Beardshaw. It will be shown first on the BBC Scotland channel, then on BBC2 across the UK. Each episode will then be available on BritBox.

Landward begins on April 15, with presenters Dougie Vipond, Arlene Stuart, Anne Lundon and Euan Mcilwraith. Initially it will be broadcast on BBC1 Scotland and BBC2 before its North American screening on BritBox.

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