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BBC Studios launches original comedy channel across social media platforms

Hack Attack is one of three news shows for Funny Parts

BBC Studios has launched a shortform comedy and entertainment channel called Funny Parts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with three new commissions to kick it off.

New shows Hack Attack, Little Rants and Sound Off feature alongside clips of BBC comedies including This Country, Famalam and The Young Offenders.

Episodes from the new titles will be made available daily on Funny Parts over the coming days, while further commissions for the channel are expected.

Hack Attack is a 10-part gameshow in which celebrity guests have to answer questions set by a mysterious ‘hacker’ or risk having their secrets released from their personal devices.

In Little Rants, celebrities get something that’s really been bugging them off their chests, while Sound Off sees silent comedy stars Bash the Entertainer and Elf Lyons try to outdo each other and make one another laugh without making a sound. Comedian Tadiwa Mahlunga oversees the competition and provides wry commentary.

All three titles were commissioned by BBC Studios Digital Consumer Engagement and are produced by BBC Studios Productions: Entertainment & Music.

Athena Witter, VP of programming at BBC Studios Digital Consumer Engagement, said: “Funny Parts both offers a home for our new digital-first comedy and entertainment content and also allows us to tap into a fantastic wealth of recent comedy content made for Gen-Z audiences. These three new commissions are a great example of our approach to developing, testing and delivering new shows direct to audiences.”

Chris Allen, head of development at BBC Studios Digital Consumer Engagement, added: “This is an opportunity for us to showcase new talent and rising stars and to encourage innovation, and is really what our digital-first strategy is all about.”

The new commissions add to recently announced shortform content from BBC Studios and Baby Cow Productions, including two original comedy series, The Train and What’s Happening?, which have been released on Baby Cow’s social media channels.

The new series are part of a wider portfolio of original shortfrom content commissions from BBC Studios’ Digital Consumer Engagement team, covering genres such as nature, science and fact ent, kids, drama and comedy.

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