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BBC snaps photography format

The Great British Photography Challenge

UK pubcaster the BBC has commissioned an original format that sees amateur photographers take on a variety of assignments around the UK guided by world-famous photographer Rankin.

The Great British Photography Challenge will be produced by Glasgow-based prodco Storyboard Studios and was created by its founder and MD Natalie Humphreys and format consultant Jon Rowlands.

The 4×60’ series follows Rankin as he mentors the contestants while they produce a portfolio of work through a series of 12 challenges to be revealed at an exhibition in the final episode. While a winner is chosen, no-one is eliminated during the series.

The series was ordered by the BBC’s arts commissioning editor, Emma Cahusac.

Rankin said: “Being a part of the Great British Photography Challenge has been an incredible opportunity to nurture the next generation of photographers. All the contestants had such unique and varied backgrounds but what brought them together was their love for photography. The contestants have exceptional promise and I’m excited for the UK to see their talent.”



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