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BBC orders Spun Gold’s spotlight on lavish lifestyles of Dubai’s wealthy

Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich

UK public channel BBC2 has commissioned a three-part series from the UK’s Spun Gold TV exploring the lifestyles of the wealthy inhabitants of Dubai.

Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich (3×60’) is a follow-up to the BBC series Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich, which was produced by the same prodco and aired last summer.

The new series goes behind the scenes of the Arab city, which now counts 52,000 millionaires and billionaires among its three million inhabitants. As well as looking at the opulence of the desert metropolis in the UAE, the series examines what life is like for people who work for the mega rich and keep the city moving.

Spun Gold’s Chris Taylor is series producer and director, and executive producers are Teresa Watkins and Daniela Neumann. Inside Dubai was greenlit by BBC commissioning editor Emma Loach and is being distributed by ITV Studios.

Clare Sillery, head of commissioning for documentaries, history and religion, said: “Following on from Spun Gold’s huge ratings success of last year’s BBC2 series Inside Monaco, we hope this series will give viewers an insight into the world of those chasing the high life in the emirate of Dubai, a self-styled playground for the wealthy.”


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