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BBC hunts for source of next pandemic in STV Studios doc with Dr Chris van Tulleken

The BBC has commissioned Scotland-based STV Studios to investigate the potential source of the next global pandemic in a one-off documentary.

Dr Chris van Tulleken

Disease X (1×60′), fronted by Dr Chris van Tulleken, will see the virologist and broadcaster set out to uncover where such a disease could come from and what could be done to prevent it.

The documentary will examine why new viruses are emerging at an increased rate and explore the cutting-edge science of preparedness and prevention.

Set to air on BBC Two and iPlayer as a Horizon special, Disease X is also the name the World Health Organization gives to the yet-to-be discovered virus most likely to cause the next pandemic, potentially bigger and deadlier than Covid-19 or anything else seen before.

Van Tulleken said: “Covid-19 brought the tragic consequences of deadly pandemics to the forefront of public consciousness. Chillingly, the scientific consensus suggests another pandemic will happen in our lifetime and it could be even worse than what has gone before.

“This investigation into the source of the next pandemic is, therefore, imperative, and will provide a critical insight into one of the greatest threats facing humanity today.”

STV Studios Factual was also behind BBC Two documentary Unvaccinated, coproduced by The Open University with support from Screen Scotland and its Broadcast Content Fund.

Disease X was commissioned by Jack Bootle, head of commissioning, specialist factual for BBC Two and iPlayer, and the commissioning editor is Tom Coveney, head of commissioning, science.

Craig Hunter and Joe Sharp serve as executive producers, while the director is Emeka Onono and the production executive is Paul McCaffery. The film was developed by Lucy Hazzard and assistant producer Heather McCorriston.

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