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BBC Children’s, 9 Story adapt Elle McNicoll book A Kind of Spark for TV

MIPJUNIOR: BBC Children’s and Canada-based prodco 9 Story Media Group have partnered to adapt kids’ book A Kind of Spark by Scottish author Elle McNicoll for TV.

Sarah Muller

A Kind of Spark follows an 11-year-old girl with autism called Addie who, upon learning about the witch trials that happened in her hometown centuries ago, realises there is more to the story of these ‘witches,’ just as there is more to her own. By working to establish a memorial to the witches, she challenges how people in her town see her and her autism.

BBC Children’s and 9 Story’s adaptation will interweave the past and present in eight live-action episodes, featuring magic, mystery and friendship with a strong message of inclusion.

A Kind of Spark is created for television by Anna McCleery, written by McCleery and McNicoll, and produced by 9 Story.

Sarah Muller, BBC Children’s head of commissioning and acquisitions for 7-12s, said: “We’re delighted to bring this moving and powerful story to audiences in the UK. In Addie, we have a character who is relatable, uplifting and inspiring and we can’t wait to bring her story to life. Our aim is to reflect all of our audience on screen and this story of difference and acceptance is one that we can’t wait to tell.”


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