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BBC calls for quizzes and gameshows for Saturday evenings, daytime afternoons

Ross Kemp fronts quizshow Bridge of Lies

The daytime and entertainment commissioning teams at UK pubcaster the BBC are looking for new quiz and gameshow formats to air on Saturday early evenings and daytime afternoons on BBC One and to stream on iPlayer.

The daytime and entertainment commissioning teams are joining forces to identify, develop and produce modern quiz and gameshow formats made in either Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The opportunity is open to independent production companies and producers from across the UK, but projects must qualify as Scottish or Northern Ireland productions. If certain prodcos are not based in either nation they can partner up with companies that are.

The BBC is committing to fund up to two pilots that will appeal to the broadest possible audience and have the scale, uniqueness and popularity to grow into key returning brands. They will potentially sit on both the daytime and entertainment slates.

Kalpna Patel-Knight, head of commissioning for entertainment, said: “For Saturday nights on BBC One we are looking for fun ideas that will engage a broad audience who enjoy playing along at home with family and friends – and even shouting at the telly.”

Head of BBC daytime and early peak commissioning Rob Unsworth added: “We’re looking for a series that will be warm and inclusive, keeping quiz and gameshow fans hooked while also bringing in regular viewers who don’t necessarily see themselves as ‘quizzers’ or particularly knowledgeable.”

The BBC ran a similar initiative two years ago, which led to the production of quizshow Bridge of Lies. The format is produced by STV Studios and hosted by Ross Kemp for BBC daytime.


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