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BBC America revisits Planet Earth

BBC America will air the original version of David Attenborough’s landmark Planet Earth series in the US for the first time.

Planet Earth

The BBC’s Natural History Unit produced the 11-episode Planet Earth series in 2006, its most expensive wildlife series to that point and its first high definition production.

BBC America will air the whole series with the original Attenborough voiceover across an entire weekend, starting at 06.00 on Saturday April 21 and ending at 21.00 on Sunday April 22. That will be followed by a special two-hour documentary on the making of the series.

Planet Earth – co-produced by the BBC, Discovery Channel, NHK and CBC – has sold to 130 territories around the world and aired in the US on Discovery Channel with a different script and Sigourney Weaver voiceover.

Attenborough’s latest series Frozen Planet – another BBC/Discovery copro – has recently begun airing on Discovery Channel in the US.


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