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Baboon Animation, Mexico’s Demente to wage Venom Wars of the Desert Realm

The new toon is based on Mike Baumann’s book Venom Wars of the Desert Realm

Baboon Animation in the US and Mexican studio Demente have partnered with American author Mike Baumann to develop his kids’ fantasy book Venom Wars of the Desert Realm into a TV series.

Baboon Animation will develop the storytelling and script while Demente will animate the series.

Aimed at children aged seven to 11, the 52×11’ 2D animated show follows three orphaned hares who are called upon by an ancient prophecy to rescue a kidnapped prince and stop a deadly force from conquering their desert home.

Mike de Seve, president of Baboon Animation, said: “I found these strong, young characters extra appealing from the moment I saw them. It’s a story of bravery, hope and family, played out on an epic scale while never losing its sense of humour for a second. What’s not to like?”


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