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Autentic stocks up on lifestyle, science

Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places features the late astrophysicist

Germany’s Autentic Distribution has added a variety of productions from around the world to its library, totalling more than 20 hours of new content.

The programmes include lifestyle shows The History of Home (3×60’) and The History of Food (5×30’), both produced by US company Roller Coaster Road Productions.

The History of Home examines what turns a house into a home by looking at examples from the past, present and future. The History of Food follows the subject from early human hunting techniques to the modern technologies of today.

Autentic has also added scientific titles Engineering the Future (3×60’) and Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places (3×30’) from factual prodco Bigger Bang.

Engineering the Future is narrated by actor Patrick Stewart and depicts the engineering feats that are driving human change. The Stephen Hawking series first aired in 2017 and shows the late astrophysicist taking viewers on a virtual journey through his favourite places in the cosmos.

Other scientific programmes include US prodco Flight 33 Productions’ Return to the Moon (1×50’), which explores the possibility of colonising the Moon, and London-based Arrow Media’s Speed (4×52’), which investigates humanity’s craving to travel faster through the ages.

Finally, Autentic has added nature documentary Secret Lives of Big Cats (7×30’), from independent prodco Ammonite, which follows seven different species of big cat through their natural habitats.



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