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Atlantique, Cattleya form copro pact

Atlantique Productions, the French prodco behind Borgia and Transporter, and Italian producer Cattleya are linking up to produce two English-language shows based on existing movies.

The co-development and coproduction agreement will see Sergio Corbucci’s 1960s western Django remade for TV, with rights to develop and produce an English-language show acquired by Atlantique.

The story follows a gunslinger’s feud with a bandit chief and has already spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs, including Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 movie Django Unchained.

Atlantique and Cattleya are also adapting Suspiria De Profundis, the novel by Thomas De Quincey, which was made into Italian horror film Suspiria in 1977 by Dario Argento, who will work on the show.

The horror will be based in London and Rome during the 19th century and follow the author as the lead character as he explores psychological fantasies to solve mysteries.

Both shows will be 12×50′, with the storylines developing over multiple seasons.

Olivier Bibas, CEO of Atlantique Productions, said the arrangement was a “milestone in our strategy to partner with the most innovative producers in Europe.”

Riccardo Tozzi, president of Cattleya, said the agreement was part of his company’s plan to focus on high-end English-language series.

Bibas and Atlantique creative director Patrick Nebout will act as executive producers on both shows, alongside Cattleya’s Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini and Marco Chimenz.


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