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Asian nets draw on Bomanbridge

Broadcasters in Thailand and South Korea have picked up children’s shows including Learn to Draw Minis and Alphabet Stories from Singapore-based Bomanbridge Media.

South Korea's EBS has taken YOUniverse

South Korea’s EBS has taken YOUniverse

Bec World in Thailand has acquired Learn to Draw Minis and animal-themed Wild About Cartoons, both of which are produced by Norway’s Earthtree Media and teach kids how to draw.

EBS in South Korea, meanwhile, has taken YOUniverse and Alphabet Stories, which are produced by Victory Arts in Canada.

The latter series is aimed at preschoolers and focuses on words, while YOUniverse explores space from the perspective of a child.

Bomanbridge opened offices in South Korea and Mongolia last year, following funding from Hera Capital, a Southeast Asia-based entrepreneurial investment firm.


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