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ARD Degeto to premiere Syrreal, CBS Studios crime drama Oderbruch in January

Felix Kramer (left), Karoline Schuch and Lucas Gregorowicz in Oderbruch

German broadcaster ARD Degeto will premiere the latest scripted series to be developed by CBS Studios with Berlin-based Syrreal Entertainment in January.

Oderbruch, the title of the series, describes the sparsely populated region of the same name in Germany, which becomes the setting for a serial murder case. The lead roles are played by Karoline Schuch, Felix Kramer and Lucas Gregorowicz.

“The series creators Arend Remmers, Adolfo J Kolmerer and Christian Alvart merge the crime genre with a centuries-old myth in an extraordinary way,” said ARD, which will be showing Oderbruch from January 19.

CBS Studios entered a first-look international television agreement with Dogs of Berlin producer Syrreal Entertainment in 2020. Oderbruch marks the second project in the partnership after dark comedy Ze Network, which was ordered straight-to-series by RTL-owned TV Now.

Filming took place from March to July 2022 in Brandenburg, Görlitz and the surrounding area, as well as in Poland.

The producers are Siegfried Kamml, Christian Alvart and Timm Oberwelland. Executive producers are Remmers and Kolmerer. Lindsey Martin and Meghan Lyvers are co-producers at CBS Studios. The production is funded by the German Motion Picture Fund and the Polish Film Institute.

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