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Aragón TV in Spain unearths adaptation of Mastiff TV’s Trash or Treasure

Trash or Treasure will air in Spain as Basura o Tesoro

Aragón TV in Spain has ordered a local version of primetime entertainment gameshow Trash or Treasure, created by Banijay-owned Mastiff TV in Sweden.

The adaptation will be produced by Banijay Iberia’s Cuarzo Producciones and Delrío Visual and will be hosted by Spanish comedian, presenter, actor and writer Iñaki Urrutia.

Airing in Spain under the title Basura o Tesoro, it is the show’s sixth international adaptation following versions in markets including Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

The show sees a pair of contestants face 12 different objects, ranging from designer furniture to antique toys and jewellery to stamps, which they must discard one by one and hope they settle on the hidden treasure, worth thousands of euros.

Joining the show each night will be antique dealer David Maturén, who will share the backstory of each item that is showcased and some tips on what to look out for.

Juan Ramón Gonzalo, CEO of Cuarzo Producciones said: “Gameshows are extremely popular in Spain, and Trash or Treasure offers a new and unique twist on the genre. With Iñaki Urrutia at the helm, we are set for an entertaining series which is sure to get audience members playing along at home and might even turn them into evaluation experts.”

Lucas Green, global head of content operations at Banijay, added: “This gameshow has performed well in numerous European markets. It is light-hearted and fun, and showcases the expertise required in the field of collectibles. Trash or Treasure is a very adaptable and scalable format, so can meet individual broadcasters’ needs and is proving a very attractive proposition for the international market.”

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