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Arab Telemedia Group constructs Family Duplex comedy, steps up local plans

Comedy series Family Duplex

Jordan-based Arab Telemedia Group (ATG) is gearing up to launch a comedy series set in a hotel as it steps up its local programming ambitions.

Family Duplex (30×30′) “comes as a part of a huge action plan that has been in the works for the past two years,” ATG said.

The comedy, which began filming this month, is set within a hotel and includes an ensemble cast of people from different backgrounds.

It will feature a group of “elite Jordanian and Arab stars,” according to ATG, and comes as part of the broadcaster’s strategy to “present the Arab audience with distinguished and diverse titles with high-quality standards.”

The series is directed by Saed Bashir El Hawwari and was written by a group of writers under the supervision of producer Talal Al Awamleh.

Al Awamleh, who is also ATG’s CEO, said the series would use comedy to demonstrate “family values” that help “keep society healthy and thriving.”

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