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Anthology seeks literary IP with new venture

UK-based production collective the Anthology Group has linked with veterans from the TV and book businesses at a new company that will acquire and manage IP from literary estates with TV potential.

Hilary Strong

London- and New York-based International Literary Properties (ILP) is helmed by book industry veteran Scott Hoffman as CEO, with former RLJ Entertainment CEO Ted Green serving as executive chairman.

The business will purchase copyrights and cash flows from literary estates or living authors seeking liquidity and financial certainty in a rapidly changing book publishing environment.

Anthology Group CEO Hilary Strong, formerly CEO of the Agatha Christie estate, has joined Hoffman, Green and Anthology Group founder Bob Benton in the venture.

Strong and Benton will both sit on the board of ILP and will have principal responsibility for properties in the UK and Europe, with particular focus on properties with TV, theatre or film potential.

Andrew Minkow has joined as chief financial officer at ILP, while Polly Benton, who has been with Anthology Group since 2017, is heading up business development.

Strong said: “During my time working with the Agatha Christie estate, I became aware of other important literary assets that had not benefited from the same nurturing. These books are part of our heritage and I am excited to have the opportunity to invest in those estates and to bring their stories back to life for new generations of readers and viewers.”

Benton added: “This is an exciting opportunity that plays to the team’s experience and strengths, particularly with respect to Hilary’s tenure managing legendary literary estates and Scott’s long experience in publishing, and will give readers and viewers additional access to timeless content at this time of great change in the marketplace.”

Owners of estates, or agents who represent estate owners who they think may be interested in talking to ILP, have been invited to contact Strong’s office.

The Anthology Group is made up of Anthology Studios, Anthology Theatre and Anthology Estates. Anthology Studios is currently six television and film production companies and a licensing company, all operating across the UK and internationally.


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