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Ample Entertainment preps docuseries on Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance

During the making of its Jimmy Hoffa series Ample was tipped about a possible burial site

US prodco Ample Entertainment is preparing a documentary series about the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, the powerful labour organiser who went missing in Michigan over 45 years ago.

In the course of filming the as-yet unnamed limited series on Hoffa’s disappearance, Ample co-founders Ari Mark and Phil Lott received a tip about the possible whereabouts of Hoffa’s body.

According to a release, they subsequently led the FBI to a possible unmarked grave under a bridge in Jersey City, New Jersey. Investigators undertook a ground penetrating radar test, the results of which are still being analysed.

Mark and Lott have been working on the project with Dan Moldea, who is considered as the pre-eminent expert on Hoffa and his disappearance.

Ample Entertainment has been documenting Moldea’s hunt to find the truth about what happened to Hoffa after he disappeared from the Machus Red Fox restaurant parking lot in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, in 1975.

The disappearance of Hoffa has perplexed investigators for nearly 50 years. Hoffa grew to become one of the most powerful union leaders in America after taking the reins of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

He was often accused of being associated with the American Mafia and organised crime, and attorney general Robert Kennedy tried to convict him for several offences.

Eventually, Hoffa was convicted of jury tampering and fraud in 1967 but was later pardoned by president Richard Nixon after serving five years of a 13-year sentence. By 1975, his influence had diminished and he was last seen heading to visit New Jersey Mafia boss Anthony Provenzano.

“When it comes to Hoffa, Dan [Moldea] is the guy. Despite all odds, he has never stopped searching for the truth behind Hoffa’s disappearance. We’re thrilled that the FBI is finally listening, and I’m honoured to be documenting the journey,” said Mark in a statement.

No timeline has been given for the release of Ample Entertainment’s documentary series.

The company’s recent credits include upcoming natural history film Kangaroos: The Story of Mala (Netflix) and season four of Murder in the Heartland (Discovery+).

In April, Ample named Anne Hazlett as its VP of development, Carter Palmer as casting director and Loi Ameera Almeron as investigative producer.

Three months later the company signed a first-look deal with the Israeli filmmakers behind Netflix’s Oscar-winning true crime miniseries Shadow of Truth.


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