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AMC Networks greenlights Jonathan Glatzer drama set in ‘bubble’ of Silicon Valley

US cablecaster and streamer AMC Networks has greenlit a drama series set in Silicon Valley for AMC and AMC+ from writer and showrunner Jonathan Glatzer (Succession, Bad Sisters, Better Call Saul).

Dan McDermott

Produced by AMC Studios, the as-yet-untitled show explores “the bubble of Silicon Valley, amid misguided corporate cultures, moony innovation labs and cutthroat private high schools,” according to AMC.

The plot centres on the conflict between a technology guru who is the CEO of a Silicon Valley firm and his self-serving performance psychologist, regarding the exploitation of personal data.

Glatzer said: “The tech world and the future it is offering is in the hands of some frighteningly self-involved people. They radiate a bizarre, semi-deity-like energy, but even they cannot escape their own humanity.

“So rather than do something directly about ‘tech,’ I wanted to focus on the people. And not just the titans, but the antsy wannabe titans, the kids and spouses of the wannabes, their housekeepers, their schools, their psychiatrists, their dogs and gurus alike, all of them living in this bubble where they truly believe – and perhaps rightly – they are inventing the future.”

“Get ready for a captivating, enthralling, authentic look behind the curtain of Silicon Valley,” added Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks. “The show, which chronicles the lives of characters creating the world we will all inhabit, is right here and right now. Truth is stranger than fiction, especially here.”

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