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Amazon, Kirkman feel Invincible again

Invincible is based on the Skybound/Image comic book

Amazon Studios has renewed The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s superhero animated series Invincible for two more seasons.

Seasons two and three of the hour-long, adult animated series will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video around the world. The announcement comes as the S1 finale launches on the service today.

The show is based on the Skybound/Image comic book of the same name, written by Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley. It is Kirkman’s second-longest comic book series and concluded in February 2018 after a 15-year run.

The show is produced by Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment, which has a first-look agreement with Amazon. It tells the story of Omni-Man, a father who trains his son to become a superhero like him.

The voice cast includes Sandra Oh (Killing Eve), Seth Rogen (This is the End), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Andrew Rannells (Black Monday, Girls), Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2) and Mark Hamill (Star Wars: The Last Jedi).

It is executive produced by Kirkman, Simon Racioppa, David Alpert (The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead), Catherine Winder (The Angry Birds Movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) with supervising director Jeff Allen (Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man) and Linda Lamontagne serving as casting director.

“Invincible is a crowning example of how a fresh and edgy approach to the superhero genre can resonate with audiences around the globe and we’re so glad that Invincible, one of our earliest investments in the adult animation genre, has accomplished just that,” said Vernon Sanders, co-head of television at Amazon Studios.

“Robert’s no-holds-barred storytelling coupled with a first-class voice cast delivered on fans’ wildest expectations and we’re thrilled to be giving them more Invincible.”


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