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AI And The Future Of Production: Take our survey today and share your views

C21Media has joined forces with New Forest to create the AI AND THE FUTURE OF PRODUCTION SURVEY 2024, as part of our ongoing AI Report into how this new technology will impact the global content business.

There are big changes coming that will impact everyone. Please let us know how you feel about AI and its impact on the future of TV and movie production by CLICKING HERE.

David Jenkinson

The results of the survey will be shared on C21 over the summer and will contribute to The AI Festival at Content London.

C21’s editor-in-chief & managing director David Jenkinson said: “With attitudes changing fast to how AI is used across the business, it is vital we understand the threats and opportunities it provides. We are delighted to partner with New Forest to produce this survey and look forward to sharing the results in the coming months.”

Simon David Miller

New Forest’s founder and CEO, Simon David Miller, added: “AI is poised to revolutionise the film and TV industry, and it’s crucial that we understand its potential impact on the creative process. At New Forest, we’re committed to embracing this technology in a way that protects and enhances human creativity, rather than replaces it. By partnering with C21Media on this important survey, we hope to gain valuable insights that will help shape the future of content creation in a world where AI and human ingenuity work hand in hand.”

The survey closes on Friday June 7.

All survey responses are treated in complete confidence and will not be used for any other purpose. Include your email to enter the draw for a ticket to Content London 2024.

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