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Abu Dhabi Media stages Selfie Challenge and sets out to Win the Crowd

Highways Arabia is working on The Selfie Challenge for Abu Dhabi Media

MIPCOM: Abu Dhabi Media has ordered local versions of two unscripted formats created by Israeli boutique production company Studio Glam.

Reality gameshow The Selfie Challenge pits two groups of three friends against each other as they try to make convincing replicas of selfies they receive. The Arabic version of the show will be produced by Highways Arabia and is slated to air at the end of 2021.

Win the Crowd, which does not yet have a prodco attached, is a talent competition series where wannabe artists are given seven minutes to perform on a street corner, winning a point for every member of the public they attract to the audience.

Both formats were sold by Israel-based distributor Dori Media Group at Mipcom this week.


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