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ABC News, Cream explore origins of gameshow genre in four-part docuseries

Disney-owned ABC News Studios and Canada-based Cream Productions have partnered on a four-part documentary series exploring the origins and evolution of the gameshow genre.

David Brady

The Game Show Show, set to debut on broadcast network in the US on Wednesday May 10, looks at the contestants, creators, hosts and scandals that have shaped the genre across 80 years of American gameshows.

The project features gameshow legends including Drew Carey, Vanna White, Ken Jennings, Chuck Woolery, Amy Schneider, Bob Eubanks, Howie Mandel and Wayne Brady. Each new episode will stream the following day on Hulu.

The Game Show Show is produced by Cream Productions for ABC News Studios.

David Brady, Kate Harrison, Sarah Gibson and John Ealer are executive producers for Cream Productions. David Sloan is senior executive producer and Victoria Thompson is exec producer for ABC News Studios.

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