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53 Degrees North Media launches mentorship scheme for working class talent

53 Degrees North Media’s Luci Sanan

UK consultancy firm 53 Degrees North Media (53DNM) is seeking media companies to take part in a mentoring scheme which aims to bring talent from diverse socio-economic backgrounds into the TV industry.

The initiative is intended to break down the socio-economic and geographic barriers to working in the media industries, by linking top execs across media disciplines with the talent from working class backgrounds outside the south east of England.

It is being spearheaded by Luci Sanan, former senior VP of global at The Story Lab, who set up 53DNM a year ago to offer commercial advice to IP owners, channels, publishers and brands.

Sanan is now seeking media companies and execs to take part in the mentoring scheme. The company is not presently accepting applications from potential mentees but will reveal further details in the future.

“We’re partnering the best young talent in the UK nations and regions from diverse socio-economic backgrounds with experienced, inspirational top-level media professionals for mentoring, internship opportunities and (hopefully) future employment,” said Sanan.

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